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Excess exposure to ultraviolet rays, either through natural sunlight or tanning booths, is a fast track to skin cancer issues, the most common type of cancer occurring today. Yet, the look of smooth, even tanning is hard to beat. The Spa at Shenandoah in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has the answer with the Norvell Amber Sun System, a sunless airbrush tanning solution. Contact the office today to book an appointment by phone or online.

Sunless Airbrush Tans Q & A

How does the Norvell Amber Sun system work?

The Norvell Amber Sun airbrush tanning solution provides color in two ways. The cosmetic bronzing is instant, visible from the moment it’s applied. The secondary bronzer is a chemical called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, and it reacts with your skin’s chemistry to develop color within two or three hours of application. The Norvell Amber Sun formula goes on evenly, without streaks or spots.

There’s a third bronzer, called erythrulose, that extends the life of your tan application. Amber Sun even contains caffeine, which protects skin from some of the effects of sun overexposure. The base of the Amber Sun system uses aloe vera, a naturally beneficial, skin-friendly foundation.

The Amber Sun system provides you with 5-7 days of convincing tanned skin tones that, with appropriate care, can last even longer.

How do I prepare for a sunless airbrush tan?

Four to twenty-four hours before your airbrush tan session, there are some things you can do to enhance the effectiveness of the Amber Sun treatment. If you’re planning to shave, do this at least 4 hours ahead of your application.

Sunless spray tans penetrate only about one-quarter of the skin’s thickness, so exfoliating one day ahead is another way to ensure maximum penetration into live skin. There’s no benefit to spray tanning dead, dry skin cells. These cells block the absorption of the DHA bronzer into living skin.

Use neutral pH body washes before your tan treatment. Soaps and washes with a high pH level can interrupt the DHA bronzing process. Likewise, avoid the use of lotion, moisturizers, and fragrances before your session to avoid chemical conflicts. Wear loose fitting, dark clothing and leave your jewelry at home.

How can I extend the effects of my airbrush tan?

Moisture is the enemy, so avoid exertion and sweating while you’re maximizing your Amber Sun tan. You can shower, but wait at least eight hours after your application, and use only plain water for the first 16 hours after receiving your tan. Avoid chemically treated pools and spas for the life of your tan, and, once wet, pat your skin dry with a towel, rather than rubbing.