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Choosing a permanent cosmetic procedure such as microblading, eyeliner, or lip coloring, offers advantages in convenience and quality application, handy for those who have a hard time with straight applications. Whatever your reason for permanent or semi-permanent makeup, The Spa at Shenandoah in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is your partner in choosing the right procedure. Call today or book an appointment online.

Permanent Cosmetics Q & A

What is permanent cosmetic makeup?

Permanent makeup is a specialized form of tattooing to augment the makeup procedures you’d normally apply. Cosmetic makeup tattoos may be done with traditional tattoo coil, pen, or rotary machines or with one of several manual tattoo devices. Applications of permanent cosmetics are usually completed over three appointments, starting with a consultation, then the application itself, with a follow-up visit to assess the healed tattoo and do required touch-ups.  

Why would I choose a permanent makeup application?

Convenience may be the most common benefit in the decision to use permanent cosmetics. Depending on your typical routine, you could save all or part of the time you currently spend applying makeup. If you’re active and yet still want to look your best without sweating off cosmetics, permanent makeup offers a solution.

There are several important factors beyond convenience, though, that may make permanent cosmetics a welcome choice. Those who can’t wear traditional makeup due to allergies or skin sensitivities now have more options. Those with physical complications can also benefit.

For example, the visually impaired who have trouble applying makeup no longer need to worry about difficulties focusing. Dexterity impairments due to stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions don’t allow the fine motor control necessary for makeup application, so permanent solutions provide a balanced alternative.

Will I look “tattooed”?

The effects of permanent makeup procedures range from subtle to dramatic, so you can choose just how delicate or obvious your enhancements will be.

A good example is microblading for eyebrows. A semi-permanent solution, the microblading process draws in fine lines that look like your natural eyebrows from a normal viewing distance. You can reshape your entire brow line or simply fill in the appearance of sparse natural brows.

Other common permanent cosmetic makeup treatment zones include eyeliner, both top and bottom. Permanent solutions prevent smudgy, runny appearance during rainy weather or after physical exertion. You’ll always have that flawless appearance that results from wearing makeup.

Your lips are another place for permanent makeup. Lip liner tattoos can define the shape of your lips while also reducing bleeding when you use lipstick. You can even choose to fully color your lips and dispose of regular lipstick for good.