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Many women are curious about permanent contraception but don’t know all of their options. The healthcare team at Shenandoah Women’s Healthcare know that this is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In Harrisonburg, Virginia, SWHC offers a few different types of permanent contraception procedures and they can help you figure out which is best for your. Schedule your consultation online, or call SWHC for your appointment today.

Permanent Contraception Q & A

What are the benefits of permanent contraception?

There are several benefits of permanent contraception, including:

  • Not having to worry about unplanned pregnancy
  • Not having to take any hormones
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Overall ease

Preventing pregnancy is the crucial factor and permanent contraception procedures range in effectiveness anywhere between 98 and 99.8 percent. It’s unequivocally more effective than temporary methods like condoms or a diaphragm.

Who is permanent contraception for?

Normally, permanent contraception is for women who have decided that they are done having children, or simply don’t want children at all. If that describes you, and you don’t know what your options are for permanent contraception, come to Shenandoah Women’s Healthcare to learn more about safe, effective permanent contraception procedures.

Is permanent contraception right for me?

This is a big decision for you and it’s not taken lightly. At SWHC they encourage you to think long and hard about whether or not you would like permanent contraception, and to ask any questions you have before receiving treatment.

Some considerations before getting a permanent contraception treatment are:

  • Whether you’re done having children
  • How your partner may feel
  • Could current form of contraception be adequate enough
  • Worries about unplanned pregnancy
  • Consulting with healthcare provider about my options
  • Medical issues that would pregnancy dangerous for me

If you do decide to go through with permanent contraception, your providers can perform the procedure at the SWHC office.

Which permanent contraception options do you offer?

At Shenandoah Women’s Healthcare they offer two standard permanent contraception procedures that over the years have proven safe, simple and effective.


A non-hormonal, minimally invasive procedure that leaves no cuts or scars. The procedure takes about 36 minutes on average and you can resume everyday activities after 1-2 days. A soft, flexible insert gets placed into both of your fallopian tubes. A barrier, made of scar tissue, forms, prevents sperm from reaching the eggs. For the first three months after the procedure, you must continue using some form of birth control.

Tubal Ligation

In this procedure, the physician makes an incision in the abdomen and/or navel to go in and seal your fallopian tubes by destroying parts of them or blocking the tubes with rings or clips. You might feel some discomfort at the incision site. Wait one-two weeks to have sex or do any strenuous activities.

These procedures don’t defend against sexual transmitted infections and you still need to practice safe sex.