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The team of nurse-midwives at Shenandoah Women’s Healthcare believe in empowering you to make you own healthcare decisions by providing support and education about your options. They are experts in women’s health, caring for women at every stage of life, from adolescence to menopause and beyond from the SWHC office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. If you’re experiencing any health-related issues that require the intervention of a women’s health specialist, make an appointment to come in and see one of our nurse-midwives today. Call or use the convenient online scheduling tool.

Nurse-Midwifery Care Q & A

Shenandoah Women's Healthcare & The Spa at Shenandoah

What is a nurse-midwife?

A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is an advanced practice registered nurse trained in nurse midwifery. They have advanced degrees and must pass a series of exams to receive the certification. A certified nurse-midwife has extensive knowledge of pregnancy, birthing, and overall women’s healthcare.

They are skilled health professionals who are capable of practicing in many clinical settings, diagnosing conditions and even administering treatment. In some cases, they refer you to specialists. They are a vital part of our healthcare team and support and work harmoniously with SWHC’s talented physicians.

Their mission is to provide you with compassionate, professional, personalized care to meet your individualized health needs, with a focus on:

  • Building lasting healthcare partnerships
  • Providing you with resources and health education
  • A holistic approach to women’s healthcare

What do nurse-midwives do?

Pregnancy care is an important part of what nurse-midwives do. They help nurture you through all stages of pregnancy in traditional prenatal care, as well as oversee group visits for you if you participate in our Centering Pregnancy care program. But you don’t need to be pregnant to see one. Just a few of the services our certified nurse-midwives provide are:

Annual Exams An annual health exam is a key step towards lifelong women’s health. Early diagnosis of conditions can improve your quality of life and even prove lifesaving.


From regular check-ups to treatment of pelvic pain and infections, you need a provider you can trust.

Family Planning

From infertility treatment to birth control, family planning can help you understand your options and make the best choices for your health.


They want you to feel comfortable and safe. Midwives can help with things like period pain and other PMS symptoms.


They can help you transition smoothly into menopause, by treating symptoms like hot flashes as well as common post-menopausal issues like osteoporosis.

How are nurse-midwives different than physicians?

Nurse-midwives and obstetricians (physicians) are both equally qualified to provide care throughout pregnancy and birth. Aside from their different educational backgrounds, nurse-midwives are trained holistically in all things related to pregnancy and women’s health, but don’t perform C-sections or other major surgeries. Nurse-midwives also run our Centering Pregnancy treatment option as an alternative to traditional individual visits.