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Managing your own weight loss plan of diet and exercise can prove daunting and ineffective. Adding medical supervision through The Spa at Shenandoah in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is an ideal way to gain the support you need, while your progress is monitored with your long-term health in mind. Call the office or book online to set up a consultation.

Medical Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is medically supervised weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a medical professional guided support system for losing weight and addressing weight-related medical problems. It’s a whole-health approach to helping you shed pounds and live and feel better. It is a weight loss program of diet, exercise, and health management for you, involving the health care professionals at The Spa at Shenandoah.  The medical weight loss program includes lab work to identify and track medical conditions and energy/vitamins levels, supplements and or dietary suppressants recommended by a medical professional. Dietary and fitness action plans and guides tailored to your specific goals.

What are the benefits of medical weight loss management?

Adding medical supervision provides many advantages. First of all, starting a weight-loss program with a thorough physical exam, including lab work, can identify health issues that may be affecting your current condition, or that may interfere with your weight loss efforts.

Medical supervision can take these factors into account, while monitoring key nutritional components that may be important as you move ahead, identifying when supplements may be beneficial.

Medical supervision gives you access to resources you won’t have on your own. As well as access to a nutrition educator and or health coach to help you develop a custom dietary and fitness plan.  Appetite suppressants, if these are appropriate for your weight management plan.

With regular follow-up visits, you’ll know when your plan needs adjustments, whether due to meeting milestones or hitting setbacks. You have support and guidance throughout your weight-loss plan that gives you a real chance to make the lifestyle changes that produce and, more importantly, maintain results.

Can I start losing weight on my own first?

Yes. In fact, the medical weight loss professionals at The Spa at Shenandoah recommend that you start a food journal daily to educate yourself on the impact of how you eat, before starting a medically assisted weight loss program.

Food journals illustrate things like calorie consumption, but beyond that, how your calories breakdown between protein, fat, and carbohydrates. For example, if your calorie count is good, but most calories come from fat, you may be setting up for a nutritional deficit.

Journals help you with portion control and make it easier to identify binges. Preparing a food journal before your first appointment with The Spa at Shenandoah helps your weight loss caregiver understand where you’re starting as well as some of the unique challenges you face.