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Though acne is predominantly a teen condition it can become problematic at any age., Hormones play a large role in triggering acne outbreaks. Call or book online to make an appointment with the experts at The Spa at Shenandoah in Harrisonburg, Virginia, to treat skin damage, scarring, and active acne outbreaks effectively.

Acne Treatment Q & A

What causes acne?

The inflammation, pimples, and blackheads associated with acne form as a result of a combination of factors. Excessive skin oil production traps dead skin cells, and block the pores surrounding hair follicles. The soft plugs blocking pores are an ideal environment for certain bacteria to grow. This starts an infection that can press on the walls of the pore, creating whiteheads and blackheads.

Skin damage and scarring caused by acne occur when outbreaks overlap on the face, disrupting the skin’s normal healing cycle. Without a chance to fully recover before reinfection occurs, the normal matrix of support tissue under the skin’s surface has no chance to reform and the pitting typical of severe acne forms.

What is the most effective treatment for acne?

There’s no single answer to that question, since cases of acne may respond differently. For some people, over-the-counter remedies and careful washing routines are enough, while others see no improvement without the intervention of medical care.

Traditional acne treatments use a number of strategies, including:

  • Reducing oil production in the skin
  • Speeding skin cell turnover
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Combating bacterial infection

The Spa at Shenandoah offers a wide variety of services to help treat acne in all skin types.  The experts at The Spa at Shenandoah can customize a treatment regimen specific to your individual needs which include but are not limited to pharmaceutical grade skin care, topical and/or oral prescription medications and customized facials/chemical peels.

What happens after an acne outbreak is over?

If skin damage results from acne, the Spa at Shenandoah has several preferred treatments, depending on the type and severity of your scarring. Chemical peels and laser treatments can reduce the redness and smooth some of the rough texture of acne scarring. If you have any questions about acne treatment, call or schedule an appointment online.